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January 15th, 2003

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New York Office
181 East Jericho Tpke
Mineola, NY 11501
Tel:  516-294-1666
Fax: 516-294-1669

New Jersey Office
707 State Road,Ste 104
Princeton, NJ 08540
Tel:  609-688-9100
Fax: 609-688-9060


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Exterior View

Interior View

   greenpin.gif (614 bytes)STATE BANK OF LONG ISLAND

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   New Bank Branch - Long Island City, NY

State Bank of Long Island requested we create a building with design impact in an industrial area undergoing rapid growth and transformation. Our approach was to modify the existing building adding design interest, with minimal costs, creating a warmer, more welcoming building and interior space. By raising the parapet height, the corner entry of the building was better defined. The exterior color and materials used established the buildings’ presence on the street. The use of warm wood tones, a neutral color palate and combination of textures in the interior space reflects the buildings transitional surrounding area. This project was the winner of the 2002 design award from the Queens County Builders & Contractors Association for "Commercial Rehabilitation, Alterations & Additions". Square Footage: 3,500

Interior View

Interior View

   greenpin.gif (614 bytes)NORTH FORK BANK
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   New Bank Branch - Cedarhurst, NY

The design of this new branch reflects a direction towards more modern community banking with Customer accessibility and visible activity. Freestanding ATM's, set in frameless glass, maintain a visual connection with the inside of the branch achieving a continual sense of motion. A softly curving ramp flows from the vestibule to the banking floor guiding the customer into the Bank facility. The gently rounded space invites the customer to proceed further in and explore the banking services offered. The muted color scheme is soft and relaxing, allowing the architecture to be highlighted as it draws the customer through the space. Square Footage: 3,200

Exterior View

Interior View

   greenpin.gif (614 bytes)JPMORGAN CHASE
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   New Bank Branch - Port Washington, NY

JPMorgan Chase consolidated two local branches and employees into a new facility in this upscale location. The intention was to design a space that had optimum flow, a light and airy feel, with a technical accent. The main feature is a perforated metal "Tech Wall" equipped with a plasma screen displaying up to date financial information. Curved walls throughout the space lead customers from both entrances to appropriate banking services. Architectural features such as barrel vault ceilings, glass walls and metal accents give the space a stimulating attitude while the standard color scheme continues to be familiar and comforting to the customer. The finished space exudes the confidence and security JPMorgan Chase is known for. Square Footage: 6,400

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